Disability is a natural part of human existence and is growing more common as a larger portion of the U.S. population experiences some type of disability.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) marked a turning point for people with disabilities. With the passage of this law in 1990, it began to favor the notion of societal integration of people with disabilities whenever practicable. It was to offer recourse at those times when they were excluded or the victims of discrimination.

It also marked a turning point for disability activism in some of the most important battles, such as accessible public transportation, accessible public spaces and protection from discrimination, were waged and won. This has not, however resulted in a movement to make sure people with disabilities are given equal access to education and employment.


A common myth is that they are not capable. This myth may have some truth to it, however individuals with disabilities who are not educated and/or employed cost the U.S. government more tax dollars then people with disabilities who been able to obtain access to education and employment. The truth is people with disabilities want to be productive individuals in our society. TEDS vision is to make this a reality.


People with disabilities deserve the same opportunities as abled bodied citizens in this country and let’s not forget it is a civil right!