Marcial Gallimore, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Transformative Educational Development Services, where he has been an advocate and catalyst for positive change in the community for persons with disabilities. Marcial has over 23 years of comprehensive international business experience and is also the founder and CEO of New Vista Services, LLC. He holds an MBA from Colorado Technical University and a Medical Interpreting Certification in foreign language, translation and interpreting from New York University. He currently teaches business and technology courses in higher education and work with students in EOP (Educational Opportunity Program). He serves as co-advisor for a club in student activities that works with students with disabilities. Marcial's passion for social justice inspired the mission for TEDS with the purpose of expanding the constituency to help all those in need while promoting principles of equality, advocacy, inclusion and justice for all.

TEDS, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. The specific purpose of TEDS is to instruct and train individuals to improve and develop their capabilities. Empowering individuals to meet the demands of our diverse global business community.

Our strategic priorities are:

Provide Career Contacts

Network with Like-Minded People

Create an Atmosphere of Understanding

Future Career Contacts

Educational Success

Technological Innovation

Transformative Educational Development Services continues to focus efforts on addressing disparities and improving accessibility with various programs focused on balancing access to education and enriching the quality of 
life for all individuals.


Our President

​President and Chief Executive Officer, Transformative Educational Development Services