“TEDS has enabled me to become a better leader and the reason I’m involved in TEDS is because I want to help those who aren’t acquainted with the skills that I have. I want them to learn the skills that I have so that they can become a better person. "

"TEDS means to me that I’m glad that they exists because it helps students that need help to transfer to college. From high school to college with educational devices and things like that they need. It’s very helpful for them and I’m glad that they’re able to help students. Um because I didn’t have things like that when I was transitioning and so if I had those things maybe it would have been a little bit easier for me. So, I’m happy that they can help students like me that didn’t have it so now that they have it and can transition easier. "

Emma is the Vice President of a student activities Club at her Community College. She is a true leader in her community. Emma has maintained above a 3.0 during her current tenure at her Community College. Emma wrote and directed the script and production for “Tunnel of Oppression” for the AABLE Club. She was passionate in making sure the differently abled community was represented in the “Tunnel of Oppression”.

* She is the first person with her disability to be accepted in to the theatre department of her Community College

* Emma has motor skill issues and was able to be taught to sew by a faculty member in the theatre department she was participating in. 

 Emma hopes one day to be able to work in a major film production.

When Brandon was an infant, his parents were told by the doctors that he was blind and that there was no chance of saving his vision. Brandon is a Communications major at his institution of higher education and is President of one of the student's Activity Clubs.

* Brandon has been recognized as Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities.

* Brandon is a recipient of the AABLE award from TEDS (Transformative Educational Services).

Brandon is proficient in Assistive Technology for the blind.